We develop interactive experiences that help build resilient and thriving bushfire-prone communities.

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The quick story...

Fire has always been a part of Australia’s environment. Over thousands of years, flora, fauna and indigenous practices have adapted through various means, and Eucalypts for example, even depend on fire to regenerate. Australia's landscape is resilient to bushfires and continues to regrow and thrive.

And we want to help Australia's communities to do the same.

...The more complex story

Well, we wish it were that simple. It turns out our flora and fauna doesn’t always thrive after a bushfire, and that’s because Australia has been getting warmer for the last 70 years, since 1950. This heating leads to more frequent and more intense bushfires, which also puts strains on our bushfire-prone communities in Australia.

We want to help Australians adapt to these worsening bushfire conditions by creating tools that help them navigate these situations when they do happen.

What do we do?

We are a profit-for-purpose organisation that develops interactive experiences and tools that help communities adapt to worsening bushfire conditions. With a unique combination of human-centred design, storytelling and interactive technology skills, we have an evolving toolkit – from bushfire-themed escape rooms to a daily smoky web-app that recommends safe behaviours – that can be tailored to target different demographics, age groups and settings. Everything we develop is:

Co-designed with community

Who better to advise about what a community needs, than the community themselves. They’re the experts in knowing what their problems are, and we’re there to help co-create a solution.

Grounded in research

We’re firm believers in bringing the latest research out of journal papers, and applying it to real life scenarios. Strong relationships with bushfire practitioners and researchers also helps us to stay up to date.

Underpinned by interactivity, storytelling and immersion

Driven by our own research and past experience, we develop communication campaigns that creatively incentivise and reward positive behaviour to build resilient and thriving bushfire-prone communities.

Our Evolving Toolkit

That's why we have an ever-growing toolkit that can be tailored over time depending on your audience. Our goal is to build up the toolkit over time.

Please get in contact if you would like to work together to co-design new tools to help your community better prepare to bushfires.

What’s in development

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Is it Smoky?

A simple web-app that helps Australians to find accurate and personalised information about daily air quality ratings and their recommended actions.
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Escape Room: Leave Early

Spend 45 minutes deciphering puzzles that help you plan, prepare and locate emergency items before it’s too late to leave.
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Choose-your-own-adventure game

Use your decision making skills in the lead up to a bushfire to see the consequence as the season unfolds.

The Team

Rachael Profile picture

Rachael Vorwerk

Co founder &
Science Communicator

Rachael Vorwerk is a science communicator and has been published in Cosmos, Decision Point and CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine. In 2017 Rachael conducted research into the success of ABC’s War on Waste television series, and has more recently broadened into social change communication as a consultant.

Dan Profile picture

Dan Steen

Co founder &
User Experience Specialist

Dan is passionate about empowering teams and individuals to solve tough problems. He utilises human-centred design and design thinking processes in conjunction with storytelling and technology to make impactful outcomes for his users.

Danielle Profile picture

Danielle Teychenne

Co founder &
Behavioural Designer

Danielle's passion lies in learner-centred education that leverages human emotion, story and play to deliver meaningful and memorable experiences. Danielle is currently undertaking a Master of Digital Learning Leadership with a research focus on child co-deisgned, archetype based bushfire preparedness programs.


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