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Tuesday 14 September, 2021

New quiz and profile tool launched today to help Australians better prepare for bushfires

Victorian-based startup FireThrive has developed a quiz and profile tool called ‘How prepared are you for a bushfire?to help Australians better prepare for this bushfire season. 

The tool is underpinned by Dr Ken Strahan’s 2018 research that analysed how people decide to stay or leave in a bushfire. After surveying more than 450 residents, Dr Strahan came up with seven archetypes – or ‘personality types’ – that categorised peoples’ different values, beliefs and attitudes towards bushfires.

FireThrive is using these same archetypes in ‘How prepared are you for a bushfire’ to help Australians understand their unique trigger points when responding to a bushfire.

The quiz is made up of 25 multiple choice questions and takes around 10 minutes to respond to. Then, based on your quiz results, a personalised profile is generated to help the respondent to address their areas for improvement. This profile also includes personalised educational resources to help the respondent to be the best bushfire evacuee they can be. 

The current version of the tool is the nationwide version, with further iterations to come as a part of a NSW Resilience BCRRF Stream 2 grant that FireThrive were awarded in April, 2021. 

Future iterations of the tool will include a NSW-tailored version of the tool, whereby respondents will complete their profile, then receive personalised, tailored and timely resources in the lead up to the bushfire season. A third version of the tool will be launched for one Black Summer affected LGA in regional NSW, with educational resources to be developed with the community over the course of two co-design workshops.

Access ‘How prepared are you for a bushfire?’ at

The current version of the tool is funded by RMIT. The state-wide and LGA versions of the tool are funded by Stream 2 of the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund (BCRRF Stream 2) by the Resilience NSW/NSW State Government. 

What is FireThrive?

FireThrive is a startup launched in July 2020 that develops interactive experiences that help to build resilient and thriving bushfire-prone communities.

The team is made up of behavioural designer Danielle Teychenné, User Experience Specialist Dan Steen, and Science Communicator Rachael Vorwerk. All three team members hail from regional Victoria and have seen their hometowns become more under threat by bushfires. 

The team went through the RMIT Activator pre-accelerator in July 2020 and were successful in receiving an interest free loan from the RMIT Capital Board. 

Images and videos to share of the tool

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